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Death of the Outsider basement and 3rd floor inner atrium

A marked clockwork soldier

Hello everybody

In this video I go into the basement and open the safety deposit boxes and then up to the Directors office.

The floor in the basement is electrified and rewiring the switch to try to kill the clockwork soldier won’t work, it’ll only stun it momentarily. Luckily you don’t have to destroy it, just mark it with the foresight and avoid it as you go around. I went onto the box and then in through the open vent to get to the rooms where the floor isn’t electrified. The first room has a heavy pouch on the shelf. The room ahead has a bone charm in the stove drawer. I tried to choke out the sleeping guy but I couldn’t get into a position where the choke option appeared so I woke him up and although it didn’t really go the way I wanted it worked and I didn’t get seen.

Back track a little to the desk and you’ll see on the left a couple of doorways and the hall in front of you is a U shaped hallway that the soldier walks. When the soldier can’t see you beam over to inside the far doorway. This is where the safety deposit boxes are, there is also a guard sleeping on the floor so choke him out only don’t do it if the soldier is close. You’ll get the code to enter the security offices from him. The combo for Morgan Yu is found in a letter, I think it’s from an earlier level, where he states that he came to Karnaca with 316 coins, so I dialed in the combo and it opened at 315, I could be remembering the letter wrong but it doesn’t matter it opened. The journalist’s box combo was on the crumpled up piece of paper on the 3rd floor operations managers office. Luigi Gaivani’s combo is in a book where he writes that his favorite day is the 28th day of the month of timber, so that turned out to be 287. There’s 3 gold ingots on the top shelf worth 450 coin in total. There is a way to leave the area up above on the pipe supports.

On the 3rd floor is the directors office with Dolores asleep at the desk and a guard on the floor, there’s 2 more gold ingots on the desk that Dolores was sitting at. On the main desk is a button to open a hidden shelf. This is where the vault key is that you’ll need to open the safe that has the knife in it.

If you have the elevator on the 3rd floor you can beam up to the access door on the front and get onto the top of the elevator, from there you can beam into the maintenance room that moves the safe up and down. You can bypass the security office all together by releasing the brakes on the vault and letting it fall, it’ll go through the first floor and end up down on the sewer level. It’s not in any of my video’s but once you know how to get into the maintenance room all you have to do is disable the arc pylon. The arc pylon can be disabled by going into the small access tunnel and moving up until you can see the whale oil and switch box. The hatch to get into the vault compartment is open so you can beam in behind it and remove the oil tank without being seen. The wrench for the brakes is in the drawer of the tool box that’s up and just to the right if you’re looking at the whale oil receptacle. Now you just have to beam down to the top of the vault and release the 4 brakes one at a time.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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