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Death of the Outsider Brozenar taxidermy

Interior of taxidermy shop

Hello everybody

This is just a little side mission where you rescue a guy that’s locked up in the basement and in the process get a lot of loot.

As you enter the shop be careful because there are guards just to the right and around the corner. Inside is the owner who is comfortable with you ” just looking around “. I choked her out for 2 reasons 1 easy looting and 2 she can’t get spooked by the guy running for his freedom. Most of the time it’s just simpler with them dozing.

There is some loot upstairs but most of it is in the basement. The basement stairs are booby trapped so go slow. Down and around the corner is the locked up guy. Once you open the door he runs for his life so you can quietly collect all the loot most of which is blood amber. I destroyed the blood flies but there’s no blood amber so they could just be left alone. Before I left I got the owner from upstairs and hid her in the basement.

Thanks for watching

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