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Death of the Outsider dealing with Shan Yun

void painting in Shan’s office

Hello everybody

With everything quiet on the floors below the only thing left was to go and see about Shan, so up the stairs to the 3rd floor but instead of going through the double doors into Shan’s area I went around to the right . At the end of the hall on the right is the dumb waiter station and a pouch of coins. The room across has a painting of the void, 200 monetary units.

The room to the left of the main room is someones bedroom, no guards just some loot, a rewire tool and hyperbaric grenade.

Onto the main room, there are 2 guards so from the top of the door you just have to wait till the elite guard turns her back to you and then jump down and choke out the regular guard and then immediately take out the elite guard. I hid them both in the bathroom.

Shan will be singing in his office so look through the keyhole and enter when he’s got his back to you. In this room there’s another painting of the void as well as other loot so after you choke out Shan and put him into the bath collect all the loot and head back into the main room.

The safe is in the main room and the note on the table tells you that the safe is opened when a certain song is played. The song you are looking for is on the second floor in his showroom. The whale oil tank that powers the electric floor in the showroom is in the second floor dumb waiter room, so remove it and go get the song from the display case in the showroom.

Back at the safe use the audiograph to play the song and the safe will open. In the safe is Shan’s key, a bone charm , a letter and a gold bar. A second key is needed to advance.

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