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Death of the outsider destroy clock work soldier easy inner atrium

Entrance to the inner atrium

Hello everybody

In this video I enter the inner atrium, put everybody to sleep and destroy the clockwork soldier.

Just inside the doors are 2 arc pylons so you have to avoid them. So one way is to beam up to the light fixture. The maintenance rooms for the pylons are to the right. You can beam down into the hallway but just ,so you have to move further into the hallway right away to avoid death by electrocution. The pylons are powered by whale oil but there is switch on the wall that moves the pylons into the room. This deactivates them and you don’t have to touch the whale oil and blow yourself up. There’s 2 guards in the outer office and floor and there’s some loot in the cubicles.

Through the double doors is the vault, several sleeping guards and employees and a clockwork soldier. As you enter the clockwork soldier will be behind a column allowing you to beam up to the walkway above. There’s 1 guard up there so take him out and mark the clockwork soldier with your foresight skill . The control room for the wall of light is in the left corner on the first floor when looking at the wall of light. There’s a short set of stairs just down and to the left so when the soldier can’s see you, they can only see what’s in front, beam down and make your way to the little control room. Now instead of removing the whale oil tank leave the wall powered and rewire the switch. This makes the wall friendly to you and deadly to everybody else.

To destroy the soldier go through the wall of light either going up the stairs or down, and get the soldiers attention. To do this without making noise I just moved to where the soldier would see me and come to investigate, just don’t stay insight for too long and get a ” seen by enemy”. When the soldier comes to investigate move out of sight and watch as the soldier is pretty much silently evaporated.

With the soldier gone you can go around and put everyone to sleep and collect all the loot.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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