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Death of the outsider getting onto bank roof

The Dolores Michaels bank

Hello everybody

In this video I show how to get to the bank and up to the roof.

I have found that it’s easier to get to the front of the bank from the black market side of town. From the roof of the apartment building that’s to the left of Teresia’s apartment with the black market below you can reach the balcony that’s to your left and again up to the balcony with the open door. On the other side of this little apartment is the pharmacy straight ahead with the bank to your right. The wolf hounds are very sensitive and will see you quite easily. Once you get up to the street light you are safe from detection. To reach the long balcony on the right you have to edge your way to the edge of the street light and though it’s kind of a blind reach you should make it. Now wait by the table until the guard starts to walk back and then go to the end of the balcony and reach over to the right, there’s no specific location, and make your way to the right edge. Over and down a couple of ledges you’ll find the custodian, no longer living. Get the key and in front of the gate below is silver pocket watch worth 150 coins.

The painters scaffold is also at this end of the bank but it’s whale oil tank is empty. There is a refill station at the other end but there’s a guard and wolf hound there so using the foresight skill and marking them will make it easier to take them both out. As you start to walk to the other end the guard will start to walk your way. Hide behind a column until he finishes his little rest and starts to walk back and choke him out. You can get by the wolf hound with the far reach, then go around the planter shoot him form behind. There shouldn’t be anyone else walking around in front of the bank so now you can get a full tank of whale oil and go back to the scaffold, and power it up and go to the top.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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