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Death of the Outsider how to get into Shan Yun’s house

Shan Yun’s front door maid

Hello everybody

Alright in order to get into Shan Yun’s house I first have to find it, so you can exit the beauty parlour through any of 3 exits, I preferred to leave the front and side door locked and left through the back.

Make your way around to the front and enter the building that has the dentist sign out front and go all the way to the top. The dentist office has a bone charm, some loot, and a note from Alberto about the spector club, this is one of the contracts, the only one that doesn’t require killing the target.

Moving on to the roof there’s some loot and looking down and to the right from the ledge you’ll see a balcony with with an open door. That’s where you want to go, so onto the lamp and then to the balcony.

The balcony room has some loot and on the other side Shan’s house will be directly in front of you. There are guards below so it’s safer to go to the other balcony and around to the left. Then when the elite guard leaves go and check out the front door.

There’s a note on the front door so before you can enter you have to learn the secret knock, to do that you have to find Eolina’s apartment. Her apartment is close to where the level starts so back track and make your way to the roof of the dentist building. From there looking from the ledge on the beauty parlour side to the right of the gate will be some window awnings, that’s where Eolina’s apartment is. There are 2 open windows. In order to avoid being seen I entered the far left window and displace myself into the kitchen. Eolina will be rocking on to a Shan recording so she’s easily knocked out. Once she’s knocked out search the desk to find some loot and the secret knock. On the way out there’s more loot on the coffee table and kitchen shelves.

With the knowledge of the secret knock you can now retrace your steps back to Shan’s front door. After I knocked I let the maid open the door but I closed it again and I let the maid walk in a bit so that gave me room to walk in, close the door and then knock her out. If you knock her out with the doors open there’s a chance that the citizens on the street will see you and become alarmed, and we don’t want that.

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