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Death of the Outsider Ivan Jacobi

Ivan Jacovi posters outside his apartment

Hello everybody

In this video I get Ivan’s key

Ivan’s apartment is across the street from the Black market. There are 2 guards, 1 in the security station and 1 investigating the carriage accident. You can easily displace your way to the entrance of Shan’s apartment building, but be aware that if you jump down from too high up the guards will be alerted, and you don’t want that. Waiting till the investigating guard turns slightly away from you gives the chance of pick pocketing him, the other guard won’t notice.

Entering through the double doors ,straight ahead on the main floor will be a couple of loot items. Ivan’s apartment is at the top of the stairs, but it’s locked so you’ll need Ivan’s key. From the note on the door you learn that Ivan is at Colibron Plaza, which is just around to the left from Ivan’s apartment building.

The way I approached the Plaza was first to mark the guards with the foresight skill and then from the lower level divide and conquer. There is a guard that’s sitting in a chair down there that must be taken out first. The 2 easiest ways to get into the lower level are 1. the stairs on the left and 2. the staircase inside the building on the right that leads to a room and then a second room with the bricks at the top of the wall removed that you could jump up and into the room below the stage. I went down the stairs to the left because it’s easier to take out the guard with an electrical burst shot. After he’s knocked out it’s just a matter of get the other guards to come down where you can choke them out without being seen. It might happen the Ivan himself will come down and in that case choke him out if he’s alone. There is a trap door in the stage that if timed right you could get him to fall through but if you are doing non lethal play through it’s not advised because he could die from the fall. I ended up just pick pocketing the key and left him conscious. One more thing, you can’t let the worker see anything out of the ordinary or he’ll attack you resulting in a ” seen by enemy” in your stats.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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