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Death of the Outsider Jacobi’s office and newspaper man

Newspaper office is on the 2nd floor

Hello everybody

In this video I go to Ivan’s apartment and visit the journalist.

At the end of my last video I left Ivan awake now I changed my mine because I wasn’t sure what would happen if he remained awake so the first thing I did was knock him out.

Ivan’s apartment is a short distance back out and to the right. In the apartment will be the key for the vault and on the wall behind the owl picture is a safe with a vial of blood. It didn’t show in the video but the game should have an optional quest to go to the newspaper and talk with the journalist.

The newspaper office is located in the square, on the left, before the bank building. I could’ve just gone up the stairs to the right of Ivan’s building but that would’ve put me on the opposite side of the newspaper building, so I went around to the left, over the taxidermy shop and entered through the window of the green adjoining building. From there I displaced myself to the balcony of the newspaper.

After you give the vial of blood to the journalist he tells you the combination to his safe, 894.

To return to the carriage go back the way you came only this time go down from the big stump onto the pipe and down onto the ground next to the wall where the guard can’t see you. From there use your displace and aim for the flower planter next to the green building and from there back up into the green building. That’s it the rest of the way is clear sailing.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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