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Death of the Outsider pharmacy auction,loot and contract

Teresia Cienfuegos

Hello everybody

In this video I go to the black market, attend the auction, search the custodians apartment and do the contract for the painting on the boat.

As I leave the apartment to the left of the balcony and down is the black market and that’s where the contract board is also. The black market sells poppy tincture for 800 coin if you don’t want to go to the auction.

The auction takes place in the same square where Jacobi was rehearsing his speech. In order for you to take part in the auction you’ll have to use the semblance skill to get someone else’s face and the guy standing just inside the square beside the big white boxes is the guy to do it to, nobody seemed to notice.

There doesn’t seem to be a right time to bid but whenever you start your bidding you’ll end up paying a lot less than the price of the black market. With the auction over and poppy tincture in hand I hid the guy I got the face from and headed out.

Next I went to the boat to do the contract, if you select show marker on your contract the boat will be easy to find. The boat is in the locks, right across the road and down the alley . The door will be locked so you have to find a key. If you use the foresight skill you’ll see something under the boat, it’s the delivery boat driver with key. Inside is money, a bone charm, ammo, tools and the painting so it’s worth it to do the contract, plus you get payed for the contract.

As you leave the boat use your foresight again and it’ll show another bone charm in the little room at the top of the first set of stairs.

The custodians apartment is to the right, as you come out of the little room ,across the road, over the taxidermy shop but it’s better to displace up to the little eave ,before you get there, and then on to the balcony to avoid being seen. From there you can displace across to the open window of the apartment.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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