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Death of the Outsider Red Camillia Beauty Parlour

interior of the Camillia Beauty Parlour

Hello everybody

I’m starting from the black market and before I leave I show how to get the combination for the back door, as you leave the black market there is a portable sign on the right that’s blocking a broken vent. To learn the combination use the foresight skill and enter the vent and travel to the far right of the black market and you’ll see the combo written on a board beside the door. So for those that want to rob the black market that’s how you get in.

Now to get to the beauty parlour I back tracked the way I came and found the front and side doors locked. Again there is a broken vent at the front to the left of the door that you can use the foresight skill to enter through which reveals the back door unlocked. Going around to the back you’ll see 2 wolfhounds sleeping. To make things simpler take them out and hide them in one of the kennels.

Now you can just enter through the back door. There is 1 cleaning lady working inside so I put her asleep as well and hid her with the hounds.

Inside there’s 1 bonecharm and other loot. There’s also a clientele list so that tells you the 2 individuals that you’ll need to investigate. To access to the spector club tattoo yourself.

Thanks for watching

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