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Death of the Outsider returning to Dreadful Whale after Daud rescue

Guard choked out

Hello everybody

With Daud rescued I have to go and meet him on the Dreadful Whale.

Starting from the bookmakers apartment and leaving through the window the same way as I came the guards have reappeared so it’s a good thing I took the guards out on the way in or I’d have more of them to deal with.

Looking up at the top of the stairs, it’s kind of hard to see on the video, there’s a guard standing there so you can’t just run up the stairs. You could go either way left or right, I went to the right and up onto the roof. If you hide the bodies on the roof like I did you have to be careful not to let the guards let on the ground see you carrying the body or you’ll end up with a body detected.

I used the drop take down on both the elite and the other guard, it works good as long as nobody sees you.

With 2 of the 3 guards taken care of the 3rd is not a problem.

Now just return to the carriage and you’re done.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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