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Death of the Outsider Spector Club loot

Entrance to the spector club

Hello everybody

There are 2 contracts that are in the spector club, but I’m going to pass on them and just collect all the loot.

The Spector Club is right across the road from Shan’s house so in order to get inside you would have had to tattoo yourself at the beauty parlour earlier in the game.

When you knock on the door the doorman will ask you if you are a member so Billie will show him the tattoo and after he remarks on the sloppy workmanship he lets you in. So the first place to loot is the front office, you simply have to jump up onto the counter and from there you can reach inside and get the bonechram and unlock the door. As you enter the club the bartender will welcome you and ask if you’d like a drink so wait just a bit till he starts to walk to the other end of the bar before you enter the front office. Once inside close the door and open the safe and grab the key for the upstairs cabinet, pickpocket the lady and exit closing the door behind you.

You can walk around and pick pocket and collect all the loot without anybody getting alarmed, you just have to go slow and if you are noticed and someone tells you ” you’d better step back ” or some other warning don’t push your luck because they will become hostile toward you if you don’t listen to them.

The main floor has a bone charm on the lower shelf of the bar, there’s also a button that rotated the center section of the bar to expose some ammo and health.

Upstairs at the top of the stairs directly in front of you is a big room with 3 people at the other end sitting and receiving the ” blood infusion treatment” as you enter there is a small table to the right and a chair at the end with an umberwood snuff box worth 150.

Next is a private room with 2 women playing cards that has a cabinet that the key from the safe opens. Inside is an umberwood desk prism worth 50 and a silver war medal worth 150.

Down the hall on the right is a desk with some loot and just past that the room where the victim is and an Eyeless administering the infusion, if you want to turn off the infusion valve you’ll have to choke him out first, if not just collect the loot and be on your way. I choked him out because I reversed the valve and when you do that the 3 people in the front room will lose consciousness so you can get their loot. I also choked out the Eyeless that was guarding the walkway to Shan’s just to make things easier. So once she’s out of the way the last thing I did was to collect the loot form the 3 infusion people.

Thanks for wathcing

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