Virtual justice, standing up for common folk

Death of the Outsider start of the bank job

Entrance to upper Karnaca

Hello everybody

This is the first video in the Bank job level. There’s about 7 minutes of talking with Daud so if you don’t need to hear it skip ahead.

To the right of the entrance is Eolina’s apartment. Her apartment is upstairs and she has regained consciousness since I choked her out before. There is some good loot in there so choke her out lest she freaks out and runs for help, you’ll also get a seen by enemy on your record.

Next it’s on to the dentist office roof , there’s another rewire tool and a bone charm. From there the apartment across from the locks again has some good loot and you can sign the petition against the bank if you so desire.

The apartment at the end of the hall is the apartment of Teresia Cienfuegos the pharmacist’s daughter and she tells her fathers story and of the auction happening today.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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