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Hello everybody

This is first video of Death of the outsider.

Pretty straight forward on the boat there’s some clues on Daud’s where a bouts and a couple of contracts that paid pretty good. There are no enemies from the boat to the carriage so when you’re ready head over to the carriage station. On the way there you’ll see some rats that you’ll be able to hear them speaking and they’ll give you clues to what’s up ahead.

Once you reach the Albarca Baths station you’ll have to break the boards at the top of the partially bricked up doorway to get out of the station.

Just outside of the station will be a guard reading the wanted poster of Billie Lurk so that’s your chance to take him out. Hide the body somewhere and continue on your way. To the right of the poster is a gate that leads to a stairway down where there are 2 guards talking. Take care of both of them and hide the bodies. If you sneak by them they’ll be there when you return making things more difficult than they have to be.

On the right when facing the apartment are a couple of pipes that you can climb up on to reach that balcony. There is an open window on the balcony that leads to the bookmakers apartment. There you’ll find some loot and a bone charm. There are 2 windows on the opposite side that I close right away so the guard won’t see me on the return trip. Grab the key and head to the Baths. You can just walk over nobody seems to care.

You’ll find Daud in the lower level of the Abarca Baths building locked up in a cage. You’ll have to get the key from Jeanette Lee who is upstairs. To get upstairs go into the locker room, there’s some loot in the lockers, and climb up onto the shower wall and onto the pipes and there will be a hole in the ceiling that you can go through to get to the second floor.

You’ll be in a utility area on the second floor. The table in front of you has a bone charm and some loot. There is a hole in the wall that’s blocked by leaking steam. So turn the steam valve off and go through the hole. On the other side there’s a wooden catwalk with a picture of the outsider that you can get by edging just far enough and leaning out. Continue on jump over the railing and enter the door to your right. This is another utility/repair room with a bone charm and some loot.

There’s an opening in the top right corner of the room that leads to the room next door. Go through and onto the pipes. There’s an eyeless member walking back and forth so wait for her and take her out. Hide the body.

Thanks for watching

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