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Death of the outsider the bank 1st 2nd and 3rd floors

Elite guard about to be put to sleep

Hello everybody

In this video I put the poppy oil into the ventilation system and go through the 3 floors on the service side of the bank.

After you’ve put the oil into the vent and enter the bank the first guard you encounter will be on the 3rd floor, when you choke her out the ” quiet as a mouse” contract will be fulfilled. Through the small door you will find the combination to 5 safes in the vault.

On the 3rd floor through the double doors there is a void painting to your left above the cabinet that’s beside the little table with the audiograph playing one of Shan’s songs. To your right is the operations manager’s office where you’ll find the combination to the journalists safety deposit box on a piece of crumpled up paper at the right corner of the desk on the floor. I totally missed the sapphire rock that was on the desk. There is 1 maid and 1 guard on this floor that should be choked out. The rest of the room’s just have some loot.

The mortgage department is on the second floor, the first room you enter there’s nobody in,just loot. There’s 1 guard in the back hallway and 1 employee in the other office. From this office is how you access the first floor tellers area by going over the railing and beaming down. In the office area behind the tellers there is 1 guard and 2 employees, there’s also a locker room and stairs to a maintenance area, only loot. Back in the teller area is the control for the other doors and this will open the door to the inner atrium.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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