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Death of the Outsider The Bank Job 2nd floor security

Doors to the security offices

Hello everybody

In this video I enter the security offices and move the vault.

Whenever you encounter someone sleeping knock them out.

In order to enter the offices you’ll need the code. The guard in the basement by the safety deposit boxes has a list of codes so if you haven’t been down there yet that’s where you have to go first.

Speak into the microphone to wake up the guard, he’ll ask you for the code, you’ll tell him B15D and he’ll open the door. The door to the guard on the right is locked and although it’s not necessary to knock him out, I think it’s better so I did. On the left as you enter, there is a bookshelf that I beamed up to and from there I used an electrical burst to distract him to get him to open the door and come out and when he did I used a second burst to knock him out. There are clockwork soldiers in there but you’d have to make noise or shoot a bolt to wake them up.

The floor in the hallway is electrified but the single door just to the left of the soldiers leads to a storage/ locker room. Collect the loot and jump through the interior window into the next room. I missed some loot 30 coin that’s in the locker on the right by the window.

The next room is another storage room, no loot that I could find, but this one has a door to the hallway. Open the door and beam onto the top of it, from there you can beam over to the top of the open door of the next room and then inside. There’s a maid asleep and the whale oil tank that powers the floor. There’s also some loot by the whale oil and by the desk in the shelf on the right. Once the tank is removed you can walk to the control room. The operator is asleep on the floor. The control station will move the vault either to the directors office or the archives, which is down in the basement. I moved it to the directors office. If you didn’t knock out the guard he’ll ask why the vault is moving and you have the option to tell him it’s just testing, but that leaves 1 guard too many awake.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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