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Death of the Outsider The Bank Job, vault, all safes and out

The vault in the Directors office

Hello everybody

In this video I open the vault, all of the safes and make my way back to the skiff.

In order to get into the vault you’ll need Delores’s key which was behind the bookshelf that opens when you press the button on the desk in the Delores’s office.

In order to get into the safe with the knife you’ll need Shan’s key and Jacobi’s key.

The combination for the other 5 safes was on the board in the maintenance room on the third floor off the stairwell. The numbers are known as Fabonacci sequence where you start with 0 add 1 = 1 then add the sum with the previous number so you eventually get these numbers: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144

so safe 1 combo is 011 safe 2 is 235 safe 3 is 813 safe 4 is 455 and the last one is 891.

I left through the sanitation exit. This got me on the right side to leave on the 2 balcony’s of the buildings that are on the same side as the newspaper building . Once I got to the big tree stump I immediately jumped down to the tunnel under the stairs that go up to the plaza that’s in front of the bank. From there I went onto the black market side of town and then right onto the roof and then to the skiff. Mark the guards and the hounds with foresight and eventually there will be a window of escape when you can move from under the stairs to the black market side of town.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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