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An ocular sister viewed with foresight

Hello everybody

In this video I put some ocular sisters and 1 overseer to sleep.

At the top of the stairs there is an elevator station to your left with an ocular sister that’s looking at the lady that fell onto the top of the elevator. As soon as she turns to walk away get behind her and take her out and bring her back to the elevator. Go inside and beam up to the right and there will be a small area that you can hide all of the sisters in.

Go back down to the top of the elevator and get the note from the lady that talks about Rosewyn’s prophesies. The journal is in the elevator below.

The 2nd sister walks up and down the hall that’s around the corner from the elevator so wait till she starts walking back and take her out. On your way back to the hall there’s a doorway to the left where there is some coins in a small chest of drawers. Down at the end of this hall an other area opens up to the left with an office with 3 overseer’s. They are all very close to each other so I just left that area and didn’t go in there.

The 3rd sister walks back and forth in the hall at the end. I beamed up onto a display case and from there you can see where she is making it pretty easy to take her out. I hid her with the other sisters in the little area above the elevator. On the way back at the spot that the 2nd sister was is an umberwood egg on the desk, 50 coins.

There’s one more sister in the office at the end of hall on the right. I marked her with foresight just to make sure she was the only one in the office. I went in and took her out and put her with the others.

Back in the office just inside the door and to your left will be books and papers on the floor and a painting moving around. On the floor is 2 gold ingots and letters and books and what not to read. On the other desk with the microphone is there is some feathers and a fan worth 50 coins together. Leaving through the broken window that I carried the last sister through there is a map book on the desk 50 coins and a lucky saphaleritre in a broken display case worth 15.

In the hall where the office with the 3 overseers are some display cases and filing cabinets . Beam up to the display case that’s just inside the doorway and from there you can beam over to an open grating. This will get you into the room that the lone overseer walks in and out of. When he walks out take him out. I brought him downstairs and hid him in the room that the key on top of the painting opened. That’s all for this video.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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