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Strange relic

Hello everyone

In this video I go and get the strange relic and I take out 2 overseers on the front steps.

The building that’s between the burglar building and black market building is where the relic is located. There are 3 balconies and all 3 have a tripwire so you have to beam onto the railing, of which ever balcony you chose, and disarm the tripwire. You have to approach each tripwire slowly and pick the one that’s closer to you, it’s not always obvious. The upper floor is also full of tripwires. I found the piping on the burglar building side was my best chance and even there I could only beam onto the edge of the elbow, the tripwire was right there. Once you disarm all the tripwires the safe can just be opened no combo needed.

The balcony that faced the Royal Conservatory was a good place to take out the 2 overseers form. The problem was I could only find 1 glass for distracting in the office so I had to go and get a bottle from down below and as it turned out I could’ve just stayed on the security station roof and thrown the bottle form there.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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