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Hello everybody

In this video I find the list of heretical artifacts ,go to the black market and clean up the overseers on the street below.

The first stop on the way to the black market is the list of heretical artifacts which is at the bottom of the stairs on the left if you’re going up into the Royal Conservatory. There’s one overseer that might give an indication that he sees you so just wait a few seconds and he’ll turn around. Along with the list is a pouch of coins.

There’s one overseer that patrols the street in front of the black market building so he’ll have to be taken out. I beamed up to the top of a steel gate and waited till he walked past. I hid the body up on the balcony at the right end of the black market building where there is some loot as well.

The black market is at the end of the street on the right. Up a couple of flights of stairs, no booby traps. In the black market are the 3 contracts that can all be fulfilled in the conservatory.

In the street below is a rail car that you can jump up on and the overseer that’s standing in an entrance to the conservatory won’t see you, but if you stand in front of the rail car he will. From the rail car you can beam up to some pipes and then onto the balcony of the apartment that’s behind the black market. For those of you that want to rob the black market I show you how in the video.

Just like in Dishonored 2 you can access the Royal Conservatory from the balcony. So I went along the right side rocks and dropped down and got in behind the overseer standing in the entrance and took him out. The other guard I marked with the foresight and took him out when he started walking back. While I was down there I collected the loot that was under the stairs. I hid both bodies in the black market apartment. The rail car that I stood on to get into the apartment has 3 silver ingots.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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