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Overseers breaking into apartment

Hello everybody

In this video I find Cortney below the apartment that I started in and go look for her Lonnie and after that I clean up a couple of overseers in the street below.

There are a few ways to tackle this quest but I found it easier to get behind the 3 overseers and wait for them to enter the apartment and then once the other 2 are busy looking inside the apartment you can take out the overseer keeping watch outside in the hall. From there the other 2 can be choked out very easily. Lonnie is in the kitchen under a shelving unit dead. He has a ring and a letter. In the apartment is a bone charm and some coins. After I gave Cortney the ring and letter I went back into the apartment where there are multiple bottles and threw one into the street where the pile of burning stuff was and got the first guard to come all the way up into the apartment so I choked him out in the hallway outside of the apartment. The second guard only came into the street below the balcony but that was okay as long as Cortney doesn’t see you.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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