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Overseer’s searching for books

Hello everybody

In this video I go up to the 1st floor and put everybody to sleep.

On the way up before the elevator there’s some loot and blood fly amber. There are 6 overseers in this part of the 1st floor and most of the time when you reach the top of the stairs there’s an overseer standing with his back to you so he can be taken out right away. There’s a room to the left with beds and a large pipe overhead where I hid all of the bodies. As long as the knocked out body is either on a cot or up on the pipes they won’t be found.

The 2nd overseer is already sleeping on a cot so put him into a deeper sleep. Overseer 3 is in the hallway that’s just outside the other door so beam in behind him and take him out. Overseer 4 and 5 are in the main area but far enough away from each other that they can be taken out without being seen. The last overseer in this part of the floor is in the hallway on the other side of the room, he’s not very observant so you can just sneak behind him.

There are 3 Overseer’s left, 2 in the entrance way and 1 outside. I marked all 3 with foresight. They are also far enough away form each other that you can take them without being seen. There is quite a bit of loot on the 1st floor so once everyone is asleep it’s worth taking a 2nd look around the floor.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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