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Death of the Outsider The Stolen Archive Royal Conservatory basement

Front entrance to the Royal Conservatory

Hello everybody

In this video I take out the 2 overseers in the entrance of the Royal Conservatory and all of the overseers in the basement. I also free an Ocular sister.

There is a ledge along the front of the Conservatory that you can beam up to from a few places. Since I was in the building across from the conservatory I was able to beam onto the security light base and then onto the arched gate, from there onto the front ledge. To the right of center is an open window that leads to the inside ledge. From above on the ledge you can see the 2 overseers talking and when they’re done they’ll separate so take out the one that’s walking out first and then the one that’s standing by the inside wall. There is a window into the basement by the 2nd overseer so you can stash him down there for now. The overseer that’s out front I brought into a maintenance room. There’s a set of stairs toward the right end of the conservatory that leads into a maintenance room , this is the location of the ” Smugglers’ Passageway”, where there’s a drainage ditch that you can jump down into and crouching walk under the grating. There will be boards blocking the way but once you break them you’ll see an open drain pipe above. Beam up into the pipe, at the end will be some loot and a hatch that leads to the basement. The hatch is also blocked with wood that’ll have to be broken. If you break it with your sword the overseer in the basement will hear but he wont if you break it with a bolt. The main reason I entered through the hatch was it provided a place to hide the overseers that should not be found.

When you beam into the basement you have to beam up to the side that’s toward the front of the conservatory to avoid being seen. From there you can close the hatch and mark the overseers with foresight.

The first overseer to take out is the one standing by the exit door. Next the overseer that’s on the upper part at the desks will walk to the shelves and that’s when he can be taken out. After him the overseer that’s closer to the steps can be taken out when he’s facing his desk. That leaves one at the far end of the room. I stashed all of the overseers in the drainage pipe. There’s some loot in the room so look around before moving on. In the upper part where the big table is there are pipes along the wall and an open grate into the inner part of the basement.

There are 3 overseers and one ocular sister in this part of the basement. Travel to the right along the pipes. You’ll see a shelving unit against the wall that you can beam up onto. At some point mark the 3 overseers with foresight. The first overseer to take out is the one that walks over to the base of the shelving unit that you are on . You have just enough time to catch him as he starts to walk back, he can be left on the floor for now. The 2nd overseer is the one that walks to the right and stands looking at the steps leading to the boiler room. So from the shelving unit beam down to behind him take him out , the last overseer should be looking at something at his desk. Stash him with the first overseer on the floor. You can probably walk over to the last overseer right after taking the 2nd overseer out. All 3 I hid in the drainage pipe with the others.

There’s an ocular sister locked up that you can talk to. Since all of the overseers are knocked out you can open the door for her and set her free. She’ll tell you of a” key on a painting on the left”. That room is upstairs on the 2nd floor that’ll be in the next video.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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