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Death of the Outsider The Stolen Archive Sister Rosewyn and Alvaro contract

Sister Rosewyn

Hello everybody

In this video I fulfill the Alvaro and the abbey contract and put all of the sisters to sleep as well as sister Rosewyn and get the stolen silvergraph. At first when I saw all the sisters I thought not being seen was impossible but you’ll see it’s actually quite simple.

As you enter through the window a sister will be talking to Alvaro. You can go right next to the door so wait till they’re done talking and the sister starts to walk back and take her out right away. Go back out the window and hide her on the ledge. This is where I hid all of the sisters.

Back inside Alvaro will be studying a deceased sister on the table so sneak up behind and take him out. You’ll have to bring him all the way into the basement and place him in one of the musical chairs. There must be a short cut scene when you do this, if not reposition until you do. No cut scene and the contract won’t be fulfilled.

Back upstairs in the room that Alvaro was in is some loot and a bone charm. Outside are a lot of sisters but there’s actually only 3 that you have to worry about. The 1st one to take out is on the far left so go through the window and take her out, she’ll be walking and the other side of a sky light. You can hide her on the ledge or in the room below through the sky light. You don’t have to have the key that was on top of the painting that the ocular sister that I set free earlier was talking about.

The 2nd sister to take out is the one that’s sitting on the curb in front of sister Rosewyn. You have to kind of time it so that the last sister is behind sister Rosewyn to avoid being seen. On the way back from hiding her on the ledge I was able to take out the 2 sisters on this side of the stage without the 3rd sister noticing. After that I took out the 3rd sister.

With the 3 awake sister taken care of you just have to stay quiet and take out the rest one by one. There is one sister on the far side that I couldn’t choke out so I left her till the last and shot her with an electrical bolt. Behind the stage is 5 coins of which I think I only got 1.

That’s all there is to it.


A viewer on YouTube brought it to my attention that I hadn’t completed the Alvaro contract, so placing him in the musical chair is only part of the contract the other part in you have to kill every blind sister and overseer except Alvaro. A search into the problem of the contract not being fulfilled suggests that this contract might be glitched. The conservatory is fairly big and you have to make sure you get everyone, the use of foresight would be beneficial.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy gaming.

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