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Dishonord 2 Clockwork mansion entrance to laboratory

Hello everybody

The clockwork mansion has a lot of switches that will change the configuration of the rooms but if you are doing a stealth play through it’s better not to touch any of the switches until after you deal with Jindosh.

In the second room in there is a sky light. I broke a window and then reached up to it and into the spaces behind the walls. I had to jump down to reach the maintenance passages. I started in and came to a section that had 2 windows into the hallway. The room through the double doors to the right has the map in it. It wasn’t really necessary to take out the second guard cause there was only a couple of coins in the cabinet at the end of the hall.

Back in the maintenance passages I was able to go all the way until I eventually reached the elevator shaft. I was able to reach up to the top with a couple of back and forth far reaches. Once at the top I reached over to the top of the whale oil dispenser and waited till I could link the 2 guards together and put them to sleep with a sleep dart.

I then was able to travel down the hall into the room at the end which had a big balcony at the back. From there I was able to jump onto a pipe and then reach down onto the lower level where there is a hatch to the inside. The lab is just through the door but it;s locked from the inside so you’ll have to go up the elevator shaft to the top and then you’ll be on the top level of the lab where Jindosh is.

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