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Dishonored 2 Addermire station to the institute

Hello everybody

With the guards outside no longer a problem I headed inside. The first guard I took out was the guy at the front desk, he was the easiest  and less likely to be seen by the other guards. I just had to wait till the guard walking back and forth by the wall of light was at the front desk end and facing away.

Next I went upstairs via the window opening and luckily the guard at the desk is sleeping so he wasn’t a problem at all. The guard in the next room came to sit down and I was able to grab him through the opening. The guard standing at the desk didn’t see me as I made my way in and behind him. I hid those bodies up on the shelf top and one under the desk , you can never be too careful where you hid them.

Next was the guard walking back and forth by the wall of light. When he walked over to my side I reached down to behind him and took him out.

Next was the 2 guards in the stock room behind the front desk. There was a bottle there which I used to draw them out so when I threw it into the room 1 guard eventually came out to investigate and when he did I reached down to behind him and he was out.

Next was the guard that stayed in the stock room. I just had to be careful and wait until he went to the back counter and that allowed me to get in there and knock him out.

That only left the 2 guards outside by the carriage, so I went back out front and climbed up to the tracks and went to the carriage that way. From the hill on the left I could hide and watch them at the same time. When the way was clear I took them both out and entered the carriage.

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