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Dishonored 2, apartments, black market and the shrine

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Hello everybody

In this video I’m just going around collecting loot and visiting the shrine and black market . I started with the apartment building that has and entrance in the alley because there are flammable bottles in there that I then used in the ”shrine” building to deal with the blood flies.If you are doing a stealth play through you have to be really careful not to be seen. when I left the alley apartment I was looking around the corner and waiting for the guard to turn and walk away but what I didn’t see was the guard that was on the ground level and I got a red lightning bolt which meant he was coming to investigate so I had to retreat to the roof top and go that way to the ”shrine” building. I used flammable bottles and incendiary bolts. The door to the shrine is locked but there is a window that you can enter through as well as the balcony if you choose to go into the shrine that way.

On the way to the black market on the roof of the carriage station I broke some sky light windows for access into the station that I later realized I didn’t have to do because there are open windows there already.

The black market is easy enough to get to and away from the main square but once inside the shopkeeper will tell you hide so that Paolo wont see you, so I hid under the table but you could also go into the alley through the window and wait til they are done their business.

Thanks for watching

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