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Dishonored 2 black market to door to Grand Palace

Hello everybody

Since I’m doing a stealth play through I don’t usually need anything from the black market but on this occasion there is an option to pay for the rails to be de-energized which is worth the cost and makes things easier.

From the black market turn right and jump onto the boxes and then up onto the wall. To your left will be a boarded up entrance in the rock that leads down to the shrine. For some reason it was easy to miss, I guess it’s because I was looking for a fountain that turns out that it’s there but it too is easy to overlook.

After the shrine I continued on to the building in front of the black market. Both entrances are booby trapped, even if you set them off they won’t kill you. Inside you’ll find some loot. Exit through the other door and far reach up to the roof above the arch. The other end of the arch will be the part of town that has the security light/ weapon. When the light is rotated away from you far reach up to the balcony to your right and then onto the security light platform. I waited till the light rotated back but I suppose you can disable it at any time. Take the whale oil tank out or rewire. You can shoot one nest of flies from the platform and then shoot the shutters on the balcony on the right. Shooting the shutters will noticed by the guards so you’ll have to wait till things cool down before far reaching over to the shutter balcony. Watch for the nest keeper and put him to sleep, I used a sleep dart.

Enter the apartment and take out the remaining nest. There is a rune in the bathroom and in the bedroom a silver ingot and painting of Daud.

With the fly room gone through I went out the same way I came in and far reached down to the platform that’s around the big tree. On the other side of the square are 2 balconies that can be reached from the tree. I went onto the balcony on the left, this is Lucia Pastors apartment. Inside there is some loot and a bone charm. From the other balcony you can reach a light bracket on your left and from there down into the entrance of the last building on the left. Go up the stairs until you get to the door with the note on it. To the left of the door is a broken vent that you can crawl through (shadow walk) to get into the apartment.

In the apartment is some loot and a bone charm. The combination to the safe can be seem in the painting that’s hanging in the office.

And finally there’s the door , that’s in the left corner of the apartment, that leads to the Grand Palace.

Thanks for watching

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