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Dishonored 2 Dr Galvani’s lab to library across the street

Hello everybody

The first thing that has to be done is to hide the unconsciousness guards somewhere that the other guards won’t find them, so in this case I was able to bring them up on top of the big book shelf.

There are bottles and glasses pretty much everywhere and that’s what I used to get the attention of the guards outside. Once they heard the glass breaking they came in to investigate. Up on the book shelf is the safest place to wait, but the guards will see you if you make noise while they are in the room or you’re leaning out too far. So I waited till the guards gave up and started to leave and then I jumped down and rendered them unconscious.

With only one guard left outside I left the lab and went after him.

There is another guard in the room up above, you have to wait until he moves to the left ,as you are watching through the keyhole, and then you can open the door and sneak in behind him and put him to sleep.

Down in the little library it’s the same deal, watch through the keyhole and wait till he has his back to you and open the door and it’s lights out.

Thanks for watching

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