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Dishonored 2 Dr Hypatia

Knocked down by the crown killer

Hello everybody

This is the mission where you go and talk to the Dr.

Before you can get to the Dr. you’ll have to make your way through Recuperation which the upper floor is infested with bloodflies. There are a few bottles of liquor and some incendiary arrows that will be enough to burn all of the nests. There is also a rune right at the start that could be easy to miss.

Down in the lab you’ll find the Dr. and after the cut scene you can explore the lab, there is some loot on the examination tables and in the corner to the left as you enter, is her office. The corrupted bone charm is in there as well as a recording talking about Anton and the plans for Ichabod Boyle. In the opposite corner you’ll find Dr. Vasco on a stretcher. He Tells you the combo to his safe to make the serum to cure Dr. Hypatia. While you are talking to him the crown killer comes through the window knocking you to the floor and hiding you, under a shelf or something, at the same time. Dr. Vasco tries to escape so the crown killer goes after him. At this point you have to make your way back to disease treatment and make the counter serum

Dr. Vasco in recuperation

Inside Dr. Vasco’s office there is some loot on the bookshelf in front of the safe and in the bookshelf in the corner. The safe contains the instructions to make the serum. The lab is the room to the right and that’s where you find the needle for the serum.

The room with all the bloodflies also has the body that you need a sample from, this can be done without burning the nest. Once you get the sample it’s back to the lab to make the serum.

With the serum made all that remains is to administer it to the Dr. You’ll have to chose a place where you can get behind her fairly close and quickly give her the needle the same way as you would choke someone out.

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