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Dishonored 2 Dr Hypatia’s office

Hello everybody

On the way up to the office the Salon was empty so that made a perfect spot to lure the 2 gambling guards into. They didn’t notice me up on the light fixture and they came in together so I could use the link and put them both to sleep at the same time. The elite guard that’s sleeping in the chair to the left of the Salon should be knocked out first though  cause she won’t sleep forever and if she gets up while you’re trying to knock her out you’ll be busted.

I was able to bypass the 2 guards by Dr. Hypatia’s office by reaching a ledge on the wall and then up to the landing a flight up from the guards.

Then you just have to walk down the stairs a bit and that’ll start them talking and eventually they both go outside.

Thanks for watching

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