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Dishonored 2 Dreadful wale to black market Grand Palace

Meagan Foster and Aramis Stilton

Hello everybody

At the start while on the Dreadful Wale Stilton and Meagan give you clues on how to get to the vault and how to identify the Dukes double.

Once Meagan drops you off you can make your way toward the town up to the guy cleaning fish without any trouble, it’s pretty quiet.

Just past the fish guy is a little storage on the right with a steel door blocked by a board. Shoot the board with a steel bolt to gain entry and collect some loot.

Continue up the street and make a right then a left to find the hobo on the left. From there follow the stairs up to the top, the Winslow safe store should be in front of you. Far reach up to the awing ( the apartment across from you has a bone charm in it that I get in a later video ) and from there make your way to the balcony over and to the right of the Winslow store. There is some good loot in the apartment. There is a window at the back of the apartment that you can see a balcony to the left from. Far reach down to the balcony . There are some musicians playing on the street below just to the left of the black market entrance. The musicians are part of the ” Songs of Serkonos ” achievement

Thanks for watching

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