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Dishonored 2 Dreadful Wale to Meagan in dust district


Hello everybody

Starting off from the Dreadful Wale it’s all pretty straight forward until you get dropped off at the docks to the dust district.

Once I was at the Batista Overlook I uses the shadow walk skill to get part the guards, It’s a little difficult to see but you just have to go around to the left toward the end of the street and on your right will be an open door with a staircase that leads to the roof of that building. There are 2 guards patrolling the roof but you don’t have to deal with them you can just far reach over to the ledge and from there down into the alley. As I was going around to the left to get to the end where the wall of light is I missed my far reach point and landed back on the ground but I was able to just walk behind the guard and under cover of the dust storm I made my way around the guard to the right and to the corner of building where there is a wooden structure that can be climbed to where there is an open window, once inside all that’s left is to meet with Meagan.

Thanks for watching

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