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Dishonored 2 Dunwall black market

Simon of the Dunwall courier

Hello everybody

Dunwall is not quite the same as we left it. The docks and this end of town is pretty much deserted the only thing to watch for is some wolf hounds that are prowling back and forth.

The black market is on the right in the building that was a tavern before. Under the black market is a locked warehouse. There’s a note on the ground, that’s not shown in the video, that tells you the key is hidden behind some bottles but it doesn’t tell you where.

From there I went to the newspaper office far reaching up to the balconies on the right. If you go down the stairs at the back of the office and into the alley you’ll find a guy who used to work on the carriage rails. After you talk with him go back to the door in the alley and on the right will be a shelf with a lantern and 3 bottles. Behind those bottles is the key for the black market warehouse.

In the warehouse you’ll find some loot and a hole in the floor above that allows you to climb up into the black market. Now you can either knock her out or just take the whale oil and leave.

Thanks for watching.

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