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Dishonored 2 Dunwall Shrine

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Hello everybody

Starting from the warehouse you can either take out the black market owner and rob the black market or just get the whale oil that’s on the shelf in the open.

Moving on from there I went back outside and onto the roof of the black market, from there I could far reach onto the little roof section between buildings that’s over the rails. I continued on the rail cars till I was across from the alley on the left and when the wolf hounds moved away I far reached into the alley and up to the second floor of the Boyle building. Entering through the back door there will be a hatter counting money at the desks across the room. So he had to be taken out and hidden so I could collect all the loot which included a gold bar.

From there I went back to ground level in the alley and when the way was clear I walked to the left up over the half wall , down into the lower walkway and all the way till I got to the abandoned building on the left ,the one just before the old library

In that building is a witch on the top floor so I was able to far reach into the back corner of the top floor without being noticed. She had to be taken out also, otherwise she’ll see you when you’re on the shrine balcony.

The shrine balcony is across from the abandoned building on the right. There are 2 hatters in there but in different rooms so I sleep darted the one in the outer room and choked out the other hatter in the inner room.

The shrine is in the inner room the door opens when you turn the barometer on the wall.

Thanks for watching

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