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Dishonored 2 Dust District Crone’s hand saloon, shrine, and lock to Stilton’s manor

Vera Moray

Hello everybody

I entered the saloon from the condemned building balcony where you can see an open window up and to the right. This is the top floor where there is 1 howler having a smoke. Usually I can just sneak up behind but in this case he was alerted and I had to take him out while the dust storm was happening.

On the next floor down is Paolo’s office where there are a couple of paintings and in the back room is the shrine.

On the floor below at the bottom of the stairs is an interior window that leads to a bedroom that has a trunk with good loot. I went this way because I could look through the key hole into the outer room to see when I could enter without being detected.

In the outer room there is a howler that walks back and forth and a howler that’s asleep on a cot, she’s hard to see. There also another trunk with loot.

Next is Durante’s office outside off of the terrace. I was just about to go and take out the howler sitting at the table but I had to quickly turn around because there was a worker coming up the stairs, aside from that the howler is easy to choke out. Inside Durante’s office is a bone charm and some loot and the clue you need to open the lock to Stilton’s manor.

It was time to start heading toward the lock so I went back downstairs to the bedroom that had the trunk with the gold and silver ingots. The window will lead to a work platform, you can follow it to the left till you reach the street. Once you’re on the balcony there is a balcony right across directly in front of you. That’s where I went next , it’s neutral territory with some loot. With all the loot collected I headed back onto the balcony. From there I retraced my steps to get to the locked door.

The lock has 2 of the same name plates so you have to change it so it shows 5 different names and just follow the clues and it should be no problem.

Thanks for watching

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