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Dishonored 2 Dust District loot before overseer headquarters

Statue of the Duck of Karnaca

Hello everybody

The first order of business is the rune under Meagan’s apartment just break the boards that block the door.

Next there is an open second story window in the red building from there you can go across to the balcony that leads to a building with some blood fly nests. I started to just charge the nest with sword swinging to get rid of them to save my bolts for when I really need them. Upstairs is another rune.

Back downstairs to the balcony and there is some store fronts in the building that’s across the street. I far reached down and the first store was the safe maker, continuing on down to the lower level is Valia street, that’s where black market is , but you have to wait till the howlers leave before going in there.

Above the black market is their apartment but the door is boarded shut from the inside which you can see if you look through the key hole, you’ll also see an open window in the alley. To get to the alley I traveled down to the street and went to the left to where there is a hole in the brick wall that has a board blocking it, so once the board is broken you can crawl through into a room that leads to the alley where the open window is. Beware of the trip wires as you travel up to the window. A bolt from the cross bow will break the board so once that’s done you can return to the apartment and get inside.

In the apartment you’ll find a letter on the desk that mention wedding silvergraph which is on the book shelf behind you and that gives you a clue to the combination to the black market. On the wall there is a calendar and if you follow the month of rain over to week 3 you’ll see 17 circled, so you now have 2 of the 3 numbers needed for entry.

Back downstairs it doesn’t take long to cycle through the numbers to get the lock to open. Once inside you can do what you like, I just looted the bone charm from the cupboard and left her alive and awake.

From there I made my way back into the alley, that has the open window , and followed it up to the top where there is a couple of guards. To get around them I far reached up onto a light fixture on the left and then again to the top of the wall that’s in between the buildings. There is a single story roof that leads to a dental office that can be accessed through an open window. On the other side of the office is a balcony from which you can see an execution in progress so unless you want to complicate things just stay silent and don’t do anything. Across from the balcony there is a big wooden wall but there are pieces missing and the holes resulting are big enough to go through, so I far reached through one of the holes and up to the wooden work planking.

At the top of the planking you can see the entrance to Overseer headquarters and the street beyond, so before I entered the headquarters I went a little further along the light posts and roofs to an artists apartment on the right, inside there is a bone charm and some loot. I left by the same window I can in and returned to the light post overlooking the headquarters.

Thanks for watching

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