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Dishonored 2 Dust District Overseer Headquarters

Overseer Building

Hello everybody

The Overseer building had quite a few overseers in it but if you go slowly and quietly it’s easier than it looks.

To get inside I just far reached onto the ledge by the stairs and from there onto a work platform by the window outside that barracks. So once the overseer moved into position I sneaked up to him and choked him out, but I had to put him down out of the room cause if you put him on a cot or the floor the other guards wake up. I was having a problem getting the choke option to show so it took a Little longer and for some reason I was able to put the unconscious on a cot without the other guard waking up. With all the guards there out it was time to move on.

There is a window at the back of the barracks that leads to a counter where there is a guard working at a desk. Move in behind him and take him out. There is a storage room there that is locked but you should’ve gotten the key from one of the first guards that were rendered unconscious so that’s a good place to hid the bodies. There’s a guard at the top of the stairs and he also goes into the storage room. There’s also a rune in the metal box.

After that I headed downstairs by the back stairs. I had to drop on guard at the front desk because the choke option wasn’t showing, although I might’ve been able to do it I didn’t want to take the chance of it not working and me raising my sword. With him knocked out I carried him to the holding cell in the back. The note on the door tells us that Durante’s possessions are upstairs in the vice overseer’s office so up a couple of flights of stairs will brings us to his office level but instead of going straight in I went to the left where there is ritual in progress so I far reached onto a bookshelf and watched until it was over at which time the overseer kneels to pay his respects and that is you chance to get behind him and take him out. I hid the body on the upper level where there are some desks stored. From there you can go through a broken window and get onto a ledge that is above a lone guard in the main hall outside the office. You can either drop on him or far reach down behind which is what I did. I hid him in the upper storage also and from there I traveled to the far end where the upper storage is over looking the vice overseers office.

The vice overseer is having a meeting with a couple of guards so wait till they’re done and the vice sits at his desk. I then far reached down and choked him out and hid him on the upper storage level on the left. I returned to the office and linked the 2 guards kneeling together and choked them out. After they were hidden up above I collected the key from the desk as well as a bone charm from the right side drawer.

Before leaving I went back up to the left side storage and found a painting of Stilton , some loot, and a recording

I took out the last guard, who was in an office on the left, on the way out.

Thanks for watching

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