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Dishonored 2 Institute Shrine and basement

Hello everybody

Before I went to the shrine I climbed up onto the roof and from there up onto the other roof to get a bone charm and some money in a bird nest of all places. Then I took a look from above at the green house area and since there isn’t anything of real value there I decided to bypass it.

On the way to the shrine I noticed the access to the top of the elevator so I went there first. In order to get into the basement you have to cut the elevator cables and send it crashing through the wooden floor on the main floor. There is an elevator button that will bring it all the way to the top, you could also do it from a lower floor but there’s loot up here so it’s better to do it from the top.

The 2 guards that were by Dr. Hypatia’s office are now outside and although you could probably just sneak around them, I took them out.

With the 2 guards put to sleep I visited the shrine. After that I traveled to the basement.

Thanks for watching

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