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Dishonored 2 Joe Hamilton

Talking with Joe

Hello everybody

This is an optional mission to go find Joe and talk to him. As soon as I entered disease treatment I reached up to the pipe work that was just ahead and to the right. From there I watched the 2 guards talking about Hamilton. I then linked them together and put them to sleep with a dart. If you don’t stop the elite guard from going in to talk to Hamilton she will shoot him and you wont get a chance to talk with him.

I hid the bodies on the book shelf in Vasco’s office and went in to talk with Hamilton. It’s not necessary to talk with him because his key is right behind him in a box. I didn’t want him to get shot so I intervened.

His office is right at the top of the stair and there is some ammo and loot, beware there are booby traps on the stairs and at the door.

Thanks for watching

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