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Dishonored 2 little library to the ship

Hello everybody

Starting out from the library the route I took was up the right side of the street. If you are taking this route you have to wait until the guard that’s up there is walking away and then you can jump up and go into the little hallway to the right. Wait there until the guard stops complaining and walks away before heading out and to the right where there’s a set of stairs that leads down. Then you can travel to the end of the little alley and wait by the dumpster. This part was kind of hit and miss because you can’t see the guard on the street and  if you jump up when the guard is walking toward you he may see you. Next I jumped up and went once  again to the right up the stairs and waited on the corner for the two citizens to finish their conversation before advancing . Around the corner and ahead is a set of  stairs going up, but you can’t go up right away because there is a guard just to the left reading a sign on the wall. Once he starts to walk away you can then sneak up behind him and put him to sleep.

At this point you could just continue going right by climbing up onto the piping and breaking the window into an apartment and then breaking the door which leads to the balcony. There are a few guards that way but it’s probably easier to get to the ship that way.

I wanted to cross the street and go into the news paper building so first I had to go into Boyle’s industries office and take out the three guard that were in there. There are numerous bottles around that can be used to distract or attract the guards and that’s what I did to take them out one by one. With the building clear there’s one more guard outside which  got him to come inside and look around, with that guy taken care of you can cross over to the news paper building as the guard on the street starts to walk away from you.

At the paper building door you can peek through  the key hole to see where the guard inside is and once he goes into the stair well you can enter and follow him up the stairs and at the top take him out. In the office upstairs you’ll find a guard giving the editor and ultimatum to print the fake story. If you go in pretty much right away you can catch the guard while he is talking to the editor, the editor got scared but calmed down a couple of minutes later and come out and talk with you. Now you can go out to the balcony and carefully make you way to the ship, there are a few guards alone the way but if you time it right they won’t be too much of a problem.

To get onto to the ship you’ll  have to jump into the water and swim to where the small boat is and climb up onto the ship.

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