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Dishonored 2 lower to upper Aventa

Upper Aventa carriage station

Hello everybody

With everything pretty much done in lower Aventa it was time to move on, so the first thing that I had to do is take care of the 2 guards in the carriage station. I went up to the roof and then over to the sky light and from that vantage point I linked the guards together and put them to sleep with a sleep dart. The key to the ticket office I got from the black market and it was well worth it for the loot that was inside.

When I arrived in Upper Aventa I entered the office building through a second story window. The records office is on the same floor and has 2 guards in it. One is sitting at a desk and the other walks back and forth so when he was close to the door I was able to choke him out, the remaining guard wasn’t a problem since he was too busy shuffling papers.

The floor above has bathrooms and a meeting room with office at the back with a sleeping guard, easy pickings. He has the key to the alley gate and on the desk is the pass code for the carriage.

I went back down to the records office and removed the whale oil tank from the wall of light box which resulted in a guard coming up to investigate. I waited from him to enter the records office and took him out.

On the main floor there are 2 guards, one at the front desk and the other walking back and forth from one room to the other. I entered through the door and immediately went to the room directly behind the front desk and found the guard looking through the files and it was lights out for him . The guard at the front desk again was too busy to notice anything so he too was put to sleep.

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