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Dishonored 2 overseer headquarters part 2

Hello everybody

AWith most of the guards around the overseer building now out of commission I went after the remaining guards on the roof and outside. The guards on the roof didn’t pose much difficulty at all. At the top of the stairs there’s vents in the roof that I was able to reach and get onto the roof . From there I could see the 2 guards and where they traveled so I just had to wait till one guard went to the edge of the roof and that allowed me to take the one at the table out and right away after that the one at the edge of the roof. As always I hid the bodies so they wouldn’t be found.

Now that I was on the roof I could travel over to the roof of the next building, and at the far end there was a poor soul that had a fly nest in his chest and a bone charm.

I then turned my attention to the office and safe. Where ever there’s a safe that requires a combination it’s never far away and in this case it was in the room next to  the office on a document on the table. With the safe opened  I once again started to put the guards to sleep.

The 2 guards on the ground level were a little trickier. I was able to get one of them to come inside and I knocked him out with ether.

Guard was on the second level walk way. As long as you don’t make lots of noise and you aren’t in front of him you can take out easily.

The other guard on the ground level had traveled to the corner of the other building so with a glass I was able to get him to come to where I was and get behind him and rendered him unconscious.

There was one more guard far end window shopping, which I could’ve just left alone, which I took out and hid on the awning .

Now with all the guards on this side of the canal taken care of it was time to transport the dead guy to Mindy.

Thanks for watching

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