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Dishonored 2 overseer headquarters part one

Hello everybody

I’m on my way to overseer headquarters  but I overlooked an area that is right at the start of the level so I back tracked through the building that I just cleared all the flies out of. With that taken care of I continued on to overseer headquarters.

After waiting for the guard at the top of the street to start walking down I sneaked  past the guard leaning on the half wall and far reached up to the piping, as long as the guard on the street is at the other end of the street you should be able to it without being noticed. From there I immediately moved to the balcony of the building in the center.

In the Dr. office there is a couple of bottles of chloroform that I used to incapacitate the guard that was patrolling the walkway beside the overseer building. When I threw the last bottle I accidentally hit the railing with my sword, luckily I wasn’t noticed. With the guard knocked out I traveled down and moved the unconscious guard up onto a balcony so he wouldn’t be discovered

To enter the overseer building I just walked in a crouched position through the main entrance and I went all the way to the top floor where there are 2 guards and the body that Mindy  wants moved. So hiding in one of the rooms I was able to watch one of the  guards as he left the room ,where the other guard was , and went over to a book shelf allowing me to sneak up behind him and put him to sleep. I then moved him into the room and closed the door to keep him and all the other guards I eventually put in there safe from rats and hidden. With the one guard out of the way the other was easy pickings. Then I traveled to the floor below where’s there are 3 guards. Starting with the guard standing at the table and then the one in the “chapel” and finally getting the one in the office to come out somehow so I could get behind him I put them all asleep and moved them to the room upstairs. So that takes care of all the guards in the building.

Thanks for watching

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