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Dishonored 2 palace loot and bone charms before vault

A maid about to be knocked out

Hello everybody

We’re almost done here at the palace just a couple of things before the vault. My route to the bone charm in the lower level took me up a level where there is a man and woman talking and into an open window. There’s a card game in progress so far reach onto the light above the pool table and from there to the top of the stairs. As soon as you land at the top of the stairs go down the stairs and into the double doors on the left. Inside will be 2 women talking so get the bottle of ether with your far reach. Quickly throw the bottle into the next room close to where the women are to knock them out. The bone charm is on the bed to your left. Grab the bone charm and leave the way you came in.

To get to the other bone charm I far reached up to the roof on the left as I came out of the window and circled around up and to the left and then down a couple of levels until I was on the level with the alarm and security panel. I rewired the panel and with the shadow walk active I went through the double doors, and then through the doorway on the left to get the painting on the wall. I switch out of shadow walk grabbed the painting and switched back into shadow walk and left the way I can in except instead of going outside I went to the left passed the guard and into the corner where the cabinet is. This way nobody notice my coming and going.

From the corner I far reached up to the light and waited for the guard to walk away and collect the loot that was on cabinet. There might’ve been loot in the cabinet but I didn’t look there.

When the guard walks back to your side of the room far reach onto the light at the other end of the room and from there down into the bedroom on the left. There is a maid in there so as soon as I hit the floor I went into shadow walk and knocked her out and hid her in the tub. The bone charm is in the smaller cabinet in the bathroom. Collect all the loot in the bedroom and leave the same way you came in. Once you’re on the light wait till the guard starts his walk around and when he walks past you and the maid can’t see you from the other room far reach outside and that’s it.

Thanks for watching

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