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Dishonored 2 Putting guards to sleep and Dr Hypatia’s apartment

Hello everybody

This time around I wanted to put as many guards to sleep as possible. The first guard wasn’t a problem I was able to jump down and get behind him. The second guard I tried to throw a bottle down but it didn’t work so I used my sword but the guard can’t see you when you do it and you have to be quick because he’ll come running up to investigate. I had to jump down to avoid being seen. I then reached up to the opposing balcony to watch where the guard was going. I reached back over to the windmill area but I had to wait till he was on his way back down to take him out, I didn’t want to panic the cleaner.

The 2 guards that were down by the canal I attacked by throwing bottles and waiting till they moved past the awing that I was crouching on and took them out.

The 3 up by the check point were a little trickier so I had to wait till they returned to their regular patrol patterns and then took them out 1 by 1.

The guard that is sleeping up by the check point can be put to sleep just by walking into the right position. With the last of the guards  on this side of the check point taken care of I advanced into the safe store. Dr. Hypatia’s apartment key was right there on the bench at the back. I found the safe combo in the cash register. After opening the safe I headed up to Dr. Hypatia’s apartment.

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