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Dishonored 2 putting some howlers to sleep Aventa district

howler about to be put to sleep

Hello everybody

The apartment above the black market contains only loot and the fly nests can be avoided so you don’t have to waste incendiary bolts on them. The basement has 2 howlers that are planning to blow up the wall to the black market, so if you don’t mind having kills on your record then this is where you would take care of the 2 howlers and blow up the wall.

The square that’s behind the carriage station is controlled by 5 howlers. The first 2 are easy enough to take out of action but the next 2 you have to somehow get them to come to you. I have discovered that if you shoot a crossbow bolt, instead of a glass or bottle, close to where they are it will alert them. The only thing with this is they can’t see you when you do this otherwise they will discover your whereabouts. The wooded shelf that I was standing on was just big enough to hid me form the howlers. When they came to investigate they didn’t stay standing around in one spot to long so I had to be quick to jump down as soon as they started to leave.

The last howlers in the middle of the square won’t notice you as you sneak up behind her.

I sped up the video at the end as I hid the bodies.

Thanks for watching

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