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Dishonored 2 Restoring power to elevator

whale oil bottle dispenser

Hello everybody

We’re getting close to the end now.

As you first enter the tower there’s 2 witches talking to your left. The elevator that has to be reset is to your right. To get to the security room you have to return to the entrance and hop up onto a shelf that’s blocking the door way to the Great Hall, from there far reach up to the light on the right and then up to the higher light in the center. The High Overseer will be below you and there are 2 bone charms you can use far reach to get. Straight ahead there is a balcony that leads to the Royal Protectors Chambers. Far reach to the balcony railing and then through the doors right away. If you hang around the witch on the left will start to notice you.

Collect the loot in the chambers and exit through the double doors on the other side of the room. When you open the doors there will be a witch standing there with her back to you but she won’t notice you and you can far reach up to the light that’s in front of her. From there far reach to the top of the make shift gallows and then to the stairs. Go down the stairs and the door that you want is on the floor below on the right.

Look through the key hole and wait till the clock work soldier walks around the corner before you open the door. The stairs to the security room are at the corner of the hallway so far reach into the doorway to avoid being seen by the 2 witches and the soldier.

At the bottom of the stairs is the security room so all you have to do is get a whale oil bottle from the machine, fill it and put it into it’s receptacle and the power to the elevator will be restored.

Now that the power is restored someone will come to investigate so far reach up to the pipes that are to your right, collect the rune and wait. First 1 witch will come down and then a second one will appear. You can either leave after the first one appears or wait for the second one and then leave which is what I did.

Return to the top of the stairs, wait till the soldier comes and starts to go back and then far reach as far toward the door as you can. Close the door and continue straight ahead through the next room and then into the double doors into the chapel.

In the chapel will be an adiograph and instruction and all the material to make a corrupt rune.

Thanks for watching

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