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Dishonored 2 Royal Conservatory back to Dreadful Wale

The window I went in and out of

Hello everybody

Going through the Royal Conservatory doesn’t have to be hard. I entered through the first open window that you come to if you are coming form the apartment and along the window ledge. From there I made my way to the main hall and quickly up onto a book shelf before the witches have time to get there. From the book shelf I far reached up to a light fixture and then onto the ledge above. There is an open window at the end so through there and pretty much straight ahead will be Ashworth’s work shop, inside there is some loot and the faulty lenses that you need to sabotage the oraculum. With the lenses I headed back to the top of the book shelf and waited till I could go and install the faulty lenses without being seen. Once the lenses are installed and the oraculum is activated it will cut Ashworth off from the void. With this accomplished and Ashworth put to sleep with a dart all the other witches go unconscious and the only thing to worry about is accidentally killing one of them while destroying blood fly nests and that’s pretty much all there is to it, you can now spend as much time as you want in there looking around and no one is awake to raise the alarm.

I left by the same window that I came in only this time I turned right and traveled along the ledge and when I got to the main gate I far reached up to the top of the Royal Conservatory arch and made my way back to the black market first and then to the boat.

Thanks for watching

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