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Dishonored 2 Royal Conservatory from start to shop keepers assistant’s apartment

A view Cyria Gardens from the docks

Hello everybody

This video and the next replace the 3 or 4 videos I had posted previously.

In this video I took a more stealthy approach only putting to sleep the people I absolutely had to. The first area I went to was the black market which has 3 howlers milling around the entrance area. There are multiple ways to deal with these howlers. I took a hands on approach taking them out one at a time, this way it’s less likely to have bodies found.

Overseer Byrne is asleep in his little apartment and at first glance all the doors are locked and the skylight seems to be the way to enter. Looking around the inside door area there is a heating grate that is broken and if you have the shadow walk skill you can travel through the ducting into the apartment.

The shrine is located behind the tavern and is full of booby traps but if you take your time you’ll be able to disarm them all.

The condemned building has 1 nest keeper in it so you have to be quiet until he is tranquilized. The combination to the safe I bought in the black market.

The way I got onto the other side of the wall of light at the Royal Conservatory is a little different and a lot easier. After I removed the whale oil tank form the security light I was able to far reach the top of the Royal Conservatory sign arch and from there I just traveled along the ledge backwards to the assistants apartment.

Thanks for watching

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